Shame: I wonder how much of my headache is from shame?

Not much to write at this time.  My head aches too much.  But I do recognize a connection between Oriental medicine treatment helping my body feel better and increased feelings of shame or distress in the form of scalp/forehead pain.

Almost like an invisible force is punishing me for remembering, feeling, letting those trapped body memories free.  And since I’m experiencing less fear/guilt/distress over body pain (i.e. I can cope and work through it more and more), the force is going back to basics and using something that scares all of us in the system to make us stop.

That something is head/neck pain.  Triggers all kinds of negative feelings and thoughts.  Triggers flashbacks.  Causes distractions and mistakes.  And makes all of us just want to lie down and sleep OR take a pain pill and sleep.

So work is finished for today.  I ate food.  Had something to drink.  Used the restroom.

Time for sleep or at least some better rest than the last few nights.

Thanks for reading.