Family: Reflecting on Changes & Possibilities

Air Plane Coping Strategies Part 2:

Yesterday, I couldn’t post anything.  The flight was delayed Saturday evening, and I barely made my connection Sunday morning.  Then, most of the afternoon/evening was spent with my family.

Here are some photos of what I used  to cope with the 2.5 hour delay, crowded air planes, and stress of trying to get to my connection on time.

On the positive side, the airport’s counter service and flight attendants were amazing and compassionate in helping me cope with the delays and flight changes.  On arrival, the bus driver was helpful and kind; he asked questions and let me know when to get off the bus.  And the hotel concierge got me checked in and settled without any issues.


This time around there was less pressure on everyone.  Staying at the hotel gives me the space I need to take care of myself and feel safe.  Being close to public transportation means I can come and go as I please and be able to visit family for hours at a time.

We are all working hard to get to know each other as adults.  My aunts, uncle, and I are building relationships through open communication, compromise, and love for each other.  When we disagree, we talk about it and resolve the issues instead of stomping off and yelling and holding grudges.

They don’t feel forced to play host to a guest and entertain me all the time.  I don’t feel forced to be talkative and entertaining all the time.  We give each other space; do everyday things; and enjoy quiet time together.  We spend time in groups or one on one; and this time around no one feels left out or excluded by accident or on purpose.

It feels really good to be able to come home to family and enjoy our time together.

Reflection Topics

News about my parents – their health is worsening.  My aunts and uncle tell me that my dad worries about me; that he’s happy I am safe and happy too.

Reconnecting with mom’s side of the family – starting small with my cousins.  Moving on with others as time goes on.  But not sure I want to go back to the place I was raised.

Writing to my dad – My dad told his family that he heard from a cousin I was happy living in the Pacific Northwest.  He also told them he was glad that I was safe and happy more than anything else.  With my dad, there was a lot of good mixed in with the bad before puberty.  So maybe it’s time to write to him…if I can find a way to do that and make sure he’s the only one to read the letter


I’ve changed since walking away in 2012.  Seems like my family members have changed too.  This trip, while unexpected, really brought home that family changes, people change, and sometimes a happy ever after does come true.

So it’s time to reflect.  Time to reconsider what is possible.  And what is not possible.  I won’t ever move back here.  But maybe I will budget and create time in my calendar for a yearly visit.

Thanks for reading.