Use Our Skills. Work Together. End Racism

Coping Challenges: Racism is a problem everyone experiences

Disclaimer: this is a place of learning, safety, and hope. Take what you want from the post and forget the rest. Maybe this will help you. Maybe it won’t.

First, I am not black or African American and cannot imagine what you all are experiencing, feeling, or coping with right now. (please forgive me for using incorrect labels. I don’t pay attention and am not politically correct, but I also don’t want to offend anyone either).

Second, I am not going to pretend or ignore what happened, but I will be honest and say that I am not following the news or media closely and haven’t for over a decade. That is why I choose not to get political or share a specific opinion about recent events.

Third, the rioters and protesters marched by and partially surrounded my apartment building 2-3 nights in a row from Friday to Sunday. As I listened to the anger and the rioting, I hoped that the news and media would focus on the peaceful protesters and the important message instead of the violence.

Finally, I’d like to tell you all that racism affects everyone no matter their race, gender, religion, orientation, financial state, origin, intelligence level, or anything else that might be used to make a person feel less than human. And it’s up to all of us to use our skills and work together to end racism.

As I said in the beginning, I can’t imagine or know what the black/Afirican American community is experiencing. At the same time, I can and do offer compassion because I can relate having been a victim of racism and experiencing racism from authority figures – including the police in my past.

I can’t donate money or use my voice to speak up. But I can use my skills in other ways to work with you and other groups to end racism starting with this blog post. Your efforts are recognized, valued, supported, and encouraged here.

Thank you to the people risking their lives on the front lines as they speak up and speak out and put action behind their words.

Thank you to the people whose small, quiet acts of kindness and support to end racism may go unnoticed as the flashier actions get the attention. You are recognized, seen, and heard.

Thank you to all the people who help in their own way. What you do matters too.

And for anyone who is not sure what to do or how to support the end of racism, you can start by becoming aware of how pervasive racism is everywhere.

Finally, racism starts with fear and insecurity. With the need for one person or group to feel superior to or more powerful than another. Then take action to make those needs real. Racism flourishes when people look the other way, do not take action, or stay silent instead of speaking up against the people speaking or behaving in ways that promote racism.

I’m not going to ask you to do or say or be anything or anyone other than yourselves. Your opinions and values matter to me, and I accept you as you are. Please do the same for me and the opinions I shared here.

I am fighting against racism in my own way every chance I get. Maybe you will join me. Maybe you won’t. But if you do, thank you. And if you don’t, that is okay too.

Thanks for reading.