Gratitude – Thank you guests for your comments and support & new blog post subscription through MailChimp is in beta

*UPDATE JUNE 19, 2020* – except for the obviously Spam files, all comments have been approved and are visible on the home page now. Unfortunately, I can’t respond to each one individually so am invoking the Blog Rules. As for many questions about blogging, writing, and compatibility or screen issues, please refer to the links below or read through the FAQ post at the top of the Blog page. You can search for other FAQs too in the search bar.

Next post is on Sunday, June 28, 2020. I hope you enjoy Juneteenth holiday and your weekend.

Dear Guests,

Thank you so much for your kind words, feedback and support. The last post has received over 400 amazing comments, most of which have been addressed to the home page.

I started working my way through all of them in my SPAM filter – because yes all comments go to spam or moderation so I can read them and make sure they follow the blog rules – today after an email notification and was overwhelmed by all your kindness and acceptance.

Most of your comments have not been posted here or replied to yet because I need more than a few minutes at a time on break from work to be as kind and thoughtful as you were to me. That is my task for tomorrow evening.

But to answer a few questions here:

  1. I’ve struggled with a contact form that works and feels safe here, so there currently isn’t one available. However, you can visit Scent Reflections LLC, my other website and use that form to contact me. Just add Untangled Connections or UC in the message so I know how to respond.
  2. Your other option – and this is new aka in beta testing – is to subscribe to the new mailing list via MailChimp popup. I just added this to the site tonight and am not sure if it works. If you do use the pop up, I promise you will only receive blog posts from Untangled Connections. But please bear with me while the kinks get worked out.
    1. Also, if you sign up for the subscriber list, you will get my contact information that way too.
  3. I will not be writing more about current events, but I will write more about discrimination, racism, prejudice, etc. and compassionate, assertive, accepting ways to communicate with individuals or groups while feeling safe.
  4. I will share more about Untangled Connections and why I use that site name. Writing the last 3 posts broke a traumatic amnesia barrier in my mind, so I have access to many more memories that were lost.
  5. Finally, I am happy to discuss writing guest blog posts and link exchanges, but cannot reply to emails from WordPress Comments. WordPress security settings protect both of us (admin and commenter) by disguising email addresses and website data.

To Reiterate: if you want to contact me by email, please either SUBSCRIBE using the pop up window or contact me through Scent Reflections LLC. You can also contact me via Facebook; I post all Untangled Connections and Scent Reflections blog posts there. Twitter will be set up ASAP – which for me means the next free time on my half day at work.

A quick note about media: this blog has always been about the writing first. Photos, graphics, etc. are expensive to create and host here based on this type of WordPress account. If you want to see more graphics and media please use this contribution link or the one in the menu to support upgrades that allow me to create and share more media here.

Thanks for reading and making Untangled Connections such an amazing and incredible community.

Love and Rainbows,

AlterXpressions (TJ)